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  1. CarProg complete project v4.74

    Price:  $220.00

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    CarProg Full Project Files are consist of: 1. Dump for AT91SAM7S256 (version 04.01 and 04.85) including configuration file for H-JTAG (Wiggler). 2. Dump for AT88SC25616C including unique 5-digit password. 3. PCB protel files for Main Unit, OBD (A1) adapter and D1 adapter. 4. Schematics for all other adapters such as A4, A5, A6, A7, A10, A11, A15, A16, A17... 5. All CARPROG software versions until V04.74 no dongle 6. Special software to reset counter via USB (does not require dismounting any part). 7. Document about Important CarProg hardware modifications. 8. Documents which includes manuals for key programming, airbag reset... Project has been tested and it is 100% working. Please note that passwod for Crypto EEprom is not the same as chinese so you will not be able to read it. We recommend that you use blank one or even erase exsisting before programming.

    CarProg complete project v4.74

    Price:  $220.00

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